Our standard rug sizes are 170 x 240cm and 200 x 300cm but, most of our rugs can be custom made in any size. We can provide you with a no-obligation quote for a custom size rug, just send us a message here.

Every room is different, and the layout and size needs to work for your space, as well as your visual preferences. Here’s our advice to help you choose the right size rug.

Yes. You can use our Rug Visualiser App which you can find on our product pages. This will allow you to take a photo of your room with your phone, and immediately see most of our rugs in situ in your home.

If you cannot find the rug you wish to 'visualise' in the App, please send us an email and a photo of your room, and we'll create the visualisation for you.

We also offer a free advice service to our customers to help you decide on the best size rug.

Please Contact us if you have any questions about our products, we're happy to advise.    

Colour Advice

Yes. We have returnable rug samples available to loan. We have fabric cuttings available of most home furnishings. Please send us a message if you would like a fabric or rug sample sent to you.

We try to match the colours shown online as closely as possible to our product colours. But all screens vary, so we cannot guarantee that what you see on your screen is the same as what we see on ours.  We have colour samples available, so please contact us if you’d like to request a sample.

Our weavers and dyers match the yarn colours as closely as possible to those seen in our pom box or on the approved rug samples. Due to the hand-dyed and hand-crafted nature of our rugs and variations in dye lots there may be slight variations in the colours.

Colours may also appear slightly lighter or darker due to sunlight or room lighting.

Yes. We have published a number of articles on our blog to help you choose the right colours for your home.

If you would like additional advice from our designer, please message us, and we’ll be happy to offer some personally tailored colour guidance.

If you are interested in learning more about colour, you may wish to explore our Biophilic Colour for Interiors, online colour course. 

We can work with you to create a custom rug that fits into your colour scheme. If you have a fabric swatch available, you can send this to us to match the colours, and we can send you yarn colour samples for your choice of rug design. Please take a look at this page, all about commissioning a custom rug.

We do. Biophilic Colour for Interiors is an online colour course in which you will learn how to use nature's harmonious colours to confidently to design your home centred around your wellbeing and personality.

This online colour course explores our human relationship with colour and nature. Claire will show you how colour can empower you to confidently design harmonious and emotionally supportive colour schemes for interiors. 

Biophilia and Sustainable Design

Biophilic design recognises that human’s innate connection to, and love of nature is beneficial to our mood, behaviour and well-being. And, that by incorporating references to nature in our built environments, we can bring these positive responses into everyday living.  Nature references of colour, pattern and texture have significant and important roles to play. Read more about this subject, and how our collections are designed with nature in mind.

One of the stand-out messages from recent nature-inspired design research is that using a diverse range of textures and colours and including variations in patterns creates better and more effective Biophilic design, and thereby brings more positive wellbeing effects. Read more about how we experience materials on our blog.


We’ve been committed to responsible design since our beginnings, and this means making considered decisions about who we work with, the yarns we choose and how we deliver our products. And, continually reviewing these at every step of the supply chain. Read more about how we work responsibly and sustainably. 

Our Recycled Plastic Bottle Rugs are possibly our most sustainable product range to date. This collection of patterned flat weave rugs is made of repurposed plastic bottles, and dyed with Azo-free dyes. Take a look at the collection here. 

Wool is a wonderful fibre for rugs. It is natural, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, as well as having natural stain-resistance and being a breathable insulator. Read more about its’ amazing properties, and why we choose wool for rugs.

Yes. When you are buying a rug, there are hallmarks you should look out for to certify a rug has been ethically and fairly produced, these include GoodWeave and Care & Fair. Claire Gaudion rugs are made in collaboration with Momo Rugs, who are members of Care & Fair. The Care & Fair organization strives for better living conditions and training opportunities for Asian craftsmen. One of their key achievements is the establishment of schools and clinics to improve living conditions of artisans and their families. The Care & Fair hallmark also guarantees that one percent of the import value of every rug is reinvested into training and medical facilities in the rug’s country of origin. We are very proud to be affiliated with this organization. Read more about Care & Fair.

Home visits / Studio appointments

Yes. We do have a brochure, and we can email this to you, but you can also view our full collection on this website.

Our at home consultation service is currently unavailable due to Covid-19. 

We aim to keep our website product listings updated, including with the delivery estimates for items that are custom made, or for which we are awaiting new stock to arrive.  Occasionally, a stock item may not be immediately available. Please take a look at our delivery advice and product pages, or send us a message torequest a stock check and delivery estimate.

Customisations and Bespoke Design Service

Yes. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, consider customising a rug or commissioning a bespoke design. Almost any aspect of our rugs can be customised - the colours, shape, or pattern scale can be changed. Or, we can work with you to design and produce something entirely new, and deliver your perfect rug. Read more about how to customise a rug.

Many of our rugs are customizable. This means you can order a different size, or a different colour. Bespoke design means that we can create something unique and specifically tailored to your requirements.

Read more about our custom design process here.

The colour illustrations we send to customers are not intended as a true representation of colour. Computer screens are not calibrated to each other and every computer screen will translate colour differently. 

Our weavers and dyers match the yarn colours as closely as possible to those seen in our pom box or on the approved rug samples.  Due to the hand-dyed and hand-crafted nature of our products there may be slight variations in the colours of the final rug.

There may be up to 5% variation in size for our handmade rugs – this is standard across the industry.

For our fabrics, yarn dye lots and print runs can vary slightly, so there is also a 5% tolerance.

Many customers really enjoy being involved in the design process for a new rug. Being part of the journey of creating something custom made or completely bespoke is something we encourage. Claire works closely with clients to meet your personal design brief. Read more about our custom design service, or message us for a chat about the process.  


We work with a network of artisan craftspeople and specialist weaving mills. Our home furnishings are made in the UK and Turkey, and our rugs are made in Europe and India. If you would like to enquire about where a specific product is made, please contact us.

Our rugs are made using a variety of traditional and modern weaving techniques, including hand knotted, hand loom woven and hand tufted. Please take a look at this page to read more about these rug weaving styles.

The way a rug is woven affects its look, feel and longevity.

Hand knotting is an ancient weaving craft that has remained unchanged for generations. Hand knotting produces rugs of superior quality. The yarns are individually hand knotted onto warp threads, and the result is a luxuriously soft wool rug which is ideal for all living spaces, including high traffic areas. This is a high quality rug that will last for lifetimes. View our hand knotted rugs. 

Hand loom rugs are hand woven by skilled artisan weavers using traditional shuttle looms, our flat weave collections feature a range of intricate, textured and decorative patterns, while our plain rugs offer an array of nature-inspired colours. 

Hand tufted rugs are made by inserting yarns into a canvas backing with a tufting tool, then adding a latex layer to fix the yarns to the backing cloth. This is a modern technique, that can be achieved at a more affordable price. View our hand tufted rugs.

Read more about the differences between tufted, knotted and handloom rugs on our blog.

Rooms and Practicalities

All of our rugs are suitable for use in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Our recycled plastic bottle rugs are suitable for use in any room, including kitchens or bathrooms, or outdoors.

Yes. Rugs are a great addition to dining rooms to add colour, pattern and texture. Flat weave rugs and short pile rugs make the best choices for dining areas as these allow for easiest cleaning and positioning under moveable furniture. Here’s a bit more advice on how to measure up for a dining room rug.

Rugs are great insulators for your home, providing visual and physical warmth, so when placing rugs on under-floor heating you want to ensure you are not restricting the benefits of the heating and it’s ability to radiate around the space. Therefore, rugs made from breathable, natural fibres are the best choice.

Heavy furniture will naturally cause indentations to the pile of your rug, so we recommend using furniture casters to lessen this. If you need to move the furniture frequently, a flatweave rug may be more suitable.

We recommend using a non-slip underlay under all of our rugs, especially on hard floors. A rug underlay will provide extra comfort and prevent slips, and it can also extend the life of your rug by reducing movement of the rug and friction between the rug and the floor.

Please take a look at our Rug Care Guide.


No, we do not currently provide an installation service. All of our products are delivered by third party courier services such as Royal Mail, UPS or DHL.

Yes, you have 14 days to return any items purchased online. We offer free delivery to UK addresses, but return delivery is the responsibility of the customer. Custom made items cannot be returned however.

If the rug you are buying is in stock, we usually deliver within 1-2 weeks. If we are making a custom or bespoke rug for you, this will take approximately 12 weeks to be woven by hand.

Yes, we deliver to customers worldwide. 

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