Soft Furnishings

Cushions and throws in nature inspired colours 

Cushion and throws in nature inspired colours, designed by Claire Gaudion for a feel-good home. 

Claire Gaudion cushions and throws feature a nature inspired colour palette of ocean blues, meadow greens, earthy reds and neutrals and bring the wellbeing benefits of these emotive colours into home décor.

Our collections feature abstract patterns and decorative weaves that draw inspiration from the light and shadows of ever-changing natural landscapes. Such as, the chevron weave of our wave cushions that mimic the rippling water. Or, the delicate rhythmic grasslands pattern that captures the movement of the grasses in the breeze. 

We also favour natural materials, for their authentic look and feel and ability to create a nurturing and homely aesthetic. From super-soft lambswool and silk merino weaves, to printed linens and plain textured cottons there is colour and texture abound in our home furnishings collection.

Shop our nature inspired cushions and throws for your warm and welcoming home.

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