Recycled plastic bottle rugs


Recycled bottle rugs 

How do you make something beautiful and useful from the problem of plastic waste? Recycled bottle rugs. A growing wave of awareness is capturing the attention of people across the world - the damage being caused to nature by plastic waste. Plastic bottles of drinking water were once marketed as a healthy lifestyle choice changing our daily drinking habits. Before we knew it plastic bottles as well as many other single use plastic products soon became part of daily life. However without realising it this quick and easy healthy lifestyle was building up an environmental ticking time bomb for the world's oceans. 


The problem with plastic

David Attenborough's Blue Planet 2 exposed the shocking truth about plastic bottles and pollution in our oceans. However now as Friends of the Earth remind us, it's not just marine life that is suffering. The plastic that we throw away ends up polluting our countryside and waterways, something which causes harm to nature and wildlife everywhere.

So, we are repurposing these waste plastic bottles - and here is what we have made. Beautiful indoor and outdoor rugs for your home that feel and look like wool, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Rugs by Claire Gaudion

Ida Grey Rug, Zala Natural RugTibba Sand Rug

As a textile design company we're committed to creating environmentally friendly, responsible designs. Of all of our products, our Recycled Plastic Bottle Rugs are possibly our most sustainable home accessories products to date. Our new patterned flat weave rugs are made from recycled plastic bottles which have been transformed into soft tactile yarn akin to cotton or wool. The strands of the yarn are handwoven into beautiful patterned rugs in a range of colours. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the rugs feature colours inspired by nature.  Every rug is made by hand, and is unique.


Versatile rugs for your home

Soft underfoot and easy to clean these rugs are ideal home accessories to bring layers of texture into your home. It's hard to imagine that something made from recycled plastic could be seen as comforting and cosy product however many many people are surprised just how incredibly soft these rugs are. Yet inspite of their softness the yarn makes for hard wearing and easy to clean products. Practical style - something on every home owner's wishlist! Rugs made from recycled plastic bottles are ideal for family homes, protecting floors in style from children's activities or a pet cat or dog.


Pattern and texture

Choose from nature inspired herringbone weave, diamond or textured pattern designs. They are also washable making them easy to care for and clean. The rugs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to their hard wearing qualities. Add some style to your outdoor entertaining areas. Use them on the patio or in the garden during the summer months as we spend more time  outdoors.


Nature's Colours

With a love of colour inspired by the principles of biophilic design, the range of rugs provides plenty of options for both colour lovers and those who also prefer neutral decor in their home. The bold colours of the Zala in denim or flax and the Ida spice rug bring lovely rich shades of colour into your home.


Blue recycled bottle rug
Yellow recycled bottle rug
Red Recycled Bottle Rug


If your decor inspiration favours softer shades of nature the Tibba rug in fern, the Zala natural or the Ida rug in Taupe bring subtle colour into neutral decor schemes


Brown recycled bottle rug
green recycled bottle rug
beie recycled bottle rug



Recycled Plastic Bottle Rugs by Claire Gaudion

Tibba Fern Rug


Tackling plastic bottle pollution

Greenpeace advocate that recycling is absolutely vital for dealing with plastic. Plastic including bottles can be recycled into other products and materials, to use up some of our waste, and 1 million plastic bottles are bought worldwide every minute. Whilst finding a solution to the problem of plastic bottles is high on everyone's wishlist, staggeringly, only 9% of all plastic waste is recycled (Friends of the Earth).

Recycled Plastic Bottle Rugs by Claire Gaudion

Zala Denim Rug


How many Recycled Plastic Bottles does it take to make a rug?


Rugs are a good environmentally friendly product to choose for the use of recycled plastics.  Each 170 x 240 cm rug uses approximately 12kg of plastic waste. This is made up of up to 3000 plastic bottles. Whilst they are washable and easy to clean, unlike clothing, the rugs do not need to be washed frequently (therefore minimising the shedding of microfibers). They are hard wearing and they have longevity. Rugs are installed in our homes to be enjoyed for years.


Recycled Plastic Bottle Rugs by Claire Gaudion

Ida Grey Rug

Claire Gaudion rugs are hand made in India by craftsmen and women. Endorsed by Care & Fair our customers can be confident they are buying a responsibly made rug.

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