Here are our recommendations for general rug care, use and maintenance.

General advice

We recommend using a non-slip underlay or rug gripper with all our rugs.

We recommend regular, gentle vacuuming with a brushless attachment. 

Occasionally you may find a long fibre appear in the pile of your rug after it has been delivered, especially after vacuuming it for the first time. Do not pull the fibre, simply trim it at the height of the pile using a pair of scissors.

We suggest you air the rug from time to time and rotate it occasionally so that it wears evenly.


How to look after your rug - image of handmade wool pile rug

Colours and sunlight

Natural sunlight can cause colours to fade over time. We recommend you protect your rug from strong direct sunlight when possible to minimise colour fading. Flattening of the wool pile, due to heavy furniture for example, can also change the appearance colours. 


How to look after your rug - handmade wool pile rug in sunlight


Heavy Furniture

Furniture or other heavy objects placed on rugs for any length of time will create indentations in the pile. To reduce this, we recommend using furniture cups/castors under the feet. We also recommend that you never drag heavy items across the rug. 

Heavy usage, for example in high traffic areas, may also cause some flattening of the rug pile and regular vacuuming will help to restore this.


How to look after your rug - handmade wool pile rug

How to clean your rug

Professional cleaning is recommended, but minor spills may cleaned with caution.

It is important to act quickly by mopping up any liquid spills with absorbent paper towels or a clean white cloth. Remove solid spills as far as possible and then dilute the remaining stain with a little water, but avoid getting the rug too wet. Blot from the spill from the edges towards the centre and do not rub.

To remove grease, oil, ink, wax, make-up and other hard-to-remove stains professional rug cleaning is recommended. 


How to look after your rug - handmade flat weave rug

How to care for your recycled plastic bottle rug

Blot spills immediately with a clean, damp cloth. These rugs can be washed if required with soap and water. They do take a while to dry, so we recommend spot cleaning when needed rather than washing the whole rug. 

The washable nature of these recycled rugs make them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. If rugs are washed, or get wet outdoors, they should be allowed to dry thoroughly.

For outdoor use it is recommend that customers assess the suitability of the surface the rug will be positioned upon as an outdoor anti-slip underlay or rug gripper may be required.

Professional cleaning is recommended for stains.


How to look after your rug - handmade recycled plastic bottle rug

How to store rugs

If you need to store your rug for a short while, there are some important things to remember.

Roll the rug up carefully and do not bend the roll, nor place a heavy weight on it, as this may leave marks on rug.

We do not recommend storing your rug rolled up for extended periods.

Your rug should be aired as often as possible to avoid the risk of moth damage.