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Claire Gaudion Handmade rugs

Nature inspired rugs designed by Claire Gaudion, bring natures harmonious colours indoors for a feel-good home. Claire Gaudion handmade wool rugs are made in collaboration with Momo Rugs and proudly endorsed by Care & Fair so that you can be confident you are buying a responsibly made rug.

Bringing colour psychology and biophilic colour into rug designs, our array of nature inspired colours, patterns and textures, offer a versatile choice for traditional and modern interiors. Nature’s colours have been shown to boost well-being and happiness and rugs provide a great way to bring these decorative elements into your home. Choose your favourite colours and enhance your home décor style while also adding comfort and cosiness.

Rugs have visual and tactile appeal, adding warming layers of texture as well as colour and pattern to any room. Textures and materials that reference nature often have the ability to resonate positively with people. They have a natural authenticity that we connect with. This is why we favour natural fibres and sustainable yarns including our high quality New Zealand wool and recycled plastic bottle (PET) fibre. Our repurposed plastic rugs have a wonderfully soft yarn, akin to wool.

We have a range of nature inspired rugs for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and hallways, as well as washable options suited to kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces. Explore our nature inspired rugs and try before you buy with our rug visualisation app (find the app at the bottom of every product page) to see how our rugs look in your home.

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