We often get asked about how to choose the right size rug for a room. Every room is different, and the layout and size needs to work for your space, as well as your visual preferences.  Here's our recommendations of things to consider about size when buying a rug.

Do rugs comes in standard sizes?

Our standard rug sizes are 170 x 240cm (pictured) and 200 x 300cm. But, most of our rugs can be custom made in any size. 

How to choose the right size rug

Start by thinking about where the rug is for, and why you are adding a rug. Is the rug to be a carpet alternative to fill the room? Or are you looking for a rug to 'zone' an open plan living space? Is it to add comfort on hard flooring? Or to add textural warmth and colour into a space? Just like when buying a piece of furniture, your rug needs to fit into the size and layout of the room, and be part of the overall design.

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Living room rugs

Living room rugs are usually added to create a comfortable social area which includes your sofa and chairs, and to unify this space within the room. This may take up most of the room, or it could be a smaller area within a larger room.

How to choose the right size rug for your living room

Another tip is (while we advise that bigger is usually better) it is good to allow a little 'breathing' space between the edges of the rug and perimeter walls of the room, so the rug doesn't look jammed into the space.

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Dining room rugs

First of all, rugs are a great addition to dining rooms to add colour, pattern and texture to a social space in your home. Flat weave rugs and short pile rugs make the best choices for dining areas as these allow for easiest cleaning and positioning under moveable furniture. But, what size to buy?

How to choose the right size rug for your dining room

In summary, the rug needs to be bit enough to allow people to move their chairs to and from the table, without the chairs falling off the rug.  There are many guidelines about what this measurement should be from 60cm to a metre or more.

Our best tip, is to try it out! Sit at your table, then get up and move your chair away from the table - as you would normally. Then measure the distance of the chair from the table, add a few extra centimetres (as your space permits). This is the additional space your rug  needs to cover around the table. Now measure your table size, then add this additional measurement to all sides. This is the best size rug for under your dining room table. 

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Bedroom rugs

Many modern bedrooms incorporate rugs (even on top of carpets) to add layering to the design, and as in the living room, to define an area for the bed. Importantly is also adds wonderful level of comfort as you step in and out of bed.

Try using a rug under the lower two-thirds of the bed with it extending around the bottom and sides, but leaving side tables off the rug. Or, the most affordable option may be to use to runners to sit either side of the bed, or just one at the foot of the bed to add some colour and pattern to the bedroom.

How to choose the right size rug for your bedroom

We are here to help you find the right size rug for your room, so please ask if you would like more advice.

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