Welcome to our Design Your Own Rug program, in collaboration with Momo Rugs. This is a unique and personalised rug buying experience allowing you to customise any of our wool pile rugs by size, shape and colour.

Why design a custom rug?

We know that choosing the perfect rug is central to the harmony of any room, which is why we take extra care in designing our nature-inspired rugs. All our handmade rug designs are crafted with predominantly natural colours and materials, producing a deluxe final product. Our customisation programme allows you to take the already carefully tailored designs we have created, and add your own personal touch. We have an abundance of designs for your selection, that you can tailor to fit your space perfectly. With our experience to guide your rug design, our rug customisation experience makes the process of producing the perfect personalised rug fun and effortless.

Choosing the right colour

Choosing from the wide range of design options, our service allows you to fully customise the colour of the rug you select. Our hand picked colour palette, reminiscent of the landscapes and seascapes, provides a selection of 64 colours to choose from. Select your own custom colour scheme to fit the theme of your room. By choosing a custom colour palette for your rug, you build a rug that is completely unique.

Customising the size and shape of a rug will allow you to bring your whole room style seamlessly together. As our custom rugs are made to order, we can ensure that your personalised rug is tailored to the shape and size of your choosing and perfect for your home.

How can you design your own rug?

Our Design Your Own Rug service gives you all the tools to design your own rug, perfect for your space, in 6 easy steps...

Step 1

Request your Pom Box of 64 colours. Pom boxes are fully refundable on return, once you have selected your colours.

Request your Pom Box

Claire Gaudion How to design your own rug - custom pom box of colours

Step 2

Choose your rug design from our Claire Gaudion by Momo Rugs handmade wool rugs collection.

Browse our Rugs


How to design your own rug - customise colour, size and shape

Step 3

Request a rug design template download via our contact us page.

Tell us the name of the rug design that you like. We will email you a rug template.

Request a Rug Design Template

How to design your own rug - customise colour, size and shape

Step 4

Choose your colours from the 64 colour pom box and add the colour references to your template.

How to design your own rug - customise colour, size and shape

Step 5

Decide on the size and shape rug you would like.

Our custom made rugs are priced at £300 per m2 for hand tufted rugs and £449 per m2 for hand knotted rugs. The delivery time is approximately 12 weeks.

We will send you a quote for the rug size requested.

For tips on how to choose the right size rug, click here.

How to design your own rug - choose the right size

Step 6

Email us your design template and we will create an illustration of your rug. 

Email design@clairegaudion.com

Our weavers and dyers match the yarn colours as closely as possible to those seen in our pom box or on our rug samples.  Due to the hand-dyed and hand-crafted nature of our products there may be slight variations in the colours of the final rug.

The colour illustrations we send to customers are not intended as a true representation of colour. Computer screens are not calibrated to each other and every computer screen will translate colour differently.

Please note that this custom design service is only available for Claire Gaudion by Momo Rugs designs. 

How to design your own rug - customise colour, size and shape