How to design your own rug

Why design a custom rug?

We know that choosing the perfect rug is central to the harmony of any room, which is why we take extra care in designing our nature-inspired, biophilic rugs. Our abstract patterns mimic formations seen in nature, to generate a balanced rhythm in your home. All our handmade rug designs are crafted with predominantly natural colours and materials, producing a deluxe final product.  Our customisation programme allows you to take the already carefully tailored designs we have created, and add your own personal touch. We have an abundance of designs at your fingertips, that you can tailor to fit your space perfectly. Using the experience we have as an artisan textile design company to guide your rug design, our rug customisation experience makes the process of producing the perfect personalised rug, effortless.


Choosing the right colour

Choosing from the wide range of design options, our service allows you to fully customise the colour of the rug template you select. Our hand picked colour palette, reminiscent of the landscapes and seascapes, provides the selection of colours to choose from, for a biophilic design. Select your own custom colour scheme to fit the theme of your room. By choosing a custom colour palette for your rug, you build a rug that is completely unique.

Customising the size and shape of a rug is the final piece in an interior design jigsaw puzzle, bringing the whole style seamlessly together. It is important that the jigsaw piece is fitted correctly to the space, and tweaking the measurements of the rug to the size of your room to create a seamless design. With our custom rugs, the piece can be tailored to the shape and size of your choosing. As our rugs are made to order, we can monitor the process from start to finish to ensure that your personalised rug has the exact dimensions to fit any space.

How can you design your own rug?

Our DESIGN YOUR OWN RUG service gives you all the tools to design your own rug, perfect for your space, in 6 easy steps...

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