Claire Gaudion rugs and textiles take design inspiration from nature’s colour palettes, textures and the abstract patterns found in our natural landscapes.

Claire Gaudion textile design studio creating rugs, fabrics and furnishings.

Bringing nature indoors with colour and pattern 

Claire’s home island of Guernsey, along with England’s natural landscapes, are her biggest inspiration. Each new design begins with a story of colour and pattern in nature. A natural colour palette, beautifully balanced and nuanced by the light and season. And patterns, which often evoke a sense of movement, inspired by experiences such as the ebb and flow of the tides, the shifting clouds or grasses dancing in the breeze.

Natural textures and materials for quality and style

Nature also influences our choice of materials. Our collections are mostly made from natural fibres. Natural materials such as wool and cotton that have a wonderful tactile appeal - they look and feel nurturing and comforting. 

Nature-based design

Over recent years, Claire has spent much time exploring the research of biophilic  design (design which recognises our connection with nature and the benefits it can bring) as well as colour psychology. This knowledge, alongside time spent simply watching and tuning into nature, informs her designs. Taking in the ever-changing colours as they transition through the day, and the seasons.

Custom made

Claire can work with you to customise the colours and sizes of any of our wool rugs. 

Responsible design and sustainability

We aim to work as responsibly and sustainably as we can. This a continual work in progress, as we learn more about how we can improve what we do from production and sourcing through to packaging and delivery. At each step, and for every new decision we make, we are asking what is best for our planet and are trying to make the right choices.