We are delighted and proud to be featured in the latest issue of ESTILA. Estila is a luxury print magazine dedicated to inspiring stories of creatives in business.

In the words of Estila's Editor in Chief, Karolina Barnes,

"This issue aims to open a conversation about what sustainability in modern creative business really means. It discusses some of the untold challenges, unspoken frustrations, extremely difficult compromises and barriers small brands and designers face when trying to be “sustain/able”." 

This insightful magazine features news from Newcomers, Changemakers, Future Thinkers and Inspirers. Claire Gaudion was interviewed as part of their Future Thinkers chapter, which tells stories of businesses doing things differently, for the benefit of our planet. Claire shares her thoughts on our latest collection of rugs made from 100% sustainable wool and recycled plastic bottles.

ESTILA Magazine Sustain|Able Volume 11.

This issue, titled SUSTAIN|ABLE, unpacks the concept of sustainability and what it actually means. The magazine asks if modern businesses can be fully sustainable? What are the limitations, challenges and frustrations small creative founders deal with?

ESTILA Magazine Sustain|Able Volume 11.


ESTILA Magazine Sustain|Able Volume 11.

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Other brands featured in this issue include: Natalia Lewandowska, Hemming & Wills, London Bathers, Valentina Karellas, Pia Design, Stories Parfums, pod Packaging, Black & Sigi, Adventures in Furniture, Nocera & Ferri, Graeme Hopper, Skin Alchemists and Donna Ford.

Also featured in this article's images are the beautiful handmade porcelain ceramics by Penny Spooner, and stunning furniture by &Bespoke