5 Tips for decorating with Pink

Tips for decorating with pink

5 Tips for decorating with Pink

Nature’s varying tones of pink offer a wide range of colours which are both pleasing to the eye and have a positive effect on our mood and wellbeing. Through the seasons we see everything from soft pink spring flowers, to striking sunsets and bold autumn colours.

Above image photography by Anna Stathaki and interior design by Fiona Duke interiors

Biophilic colour schemes pink by Claire Gaudion

It’s no wonder that decorating with pink offers so many options when it comes to creating a cosy and cocooning home. The important thing is finding the right tone and mix of pink colours for you. Let’s take a look at ideas for decorating with pink.


1. Use soft pink as a neutral base

Softer tones of pink are soothing to the soul. The low intensity of colour is gentle and easy on the eye. Soft pinks are easy to use as a neutral alternative to the off whites and beiges which are usually used to create calm neutral colour schemes.

To use pink as a base colour it's best to start with large areas such as walls. This usually means using a paint or wallpaper. Paint specialists Fenwick and Tilbrook offer the following advice.

Neutral pinks offer a soothing feel with a gentle energy provided by the subtle red undertone. Neural pinks add a sophisticated feel to a room but with a warmth that creates an easy environment to be in.

The beauty of neutral pink is that it can work perfectly with dramatic darks such as deep greens,  blues or even gorgeous dark charcoal shades. Dark walls and skirtings with a neutral pink ceiling give just that touch of warmth to the drama.

Neutral pink can work beautifully in north or south-facing rooms, depending on the undertone. The peachier neutral pink will add warmth to a north-facing room, however it is still soft enough to work in the warmer light of a south-facing room.

Mixing natural textures in a neutral pink scheme works so well, for example: relaxed linens, sheepskin, chunky wool, raw wood or leather. Natural terracotta flooring works very well with a neutral pink scheme too.”

 Decorating with Pink home accessories

A selection of soft neutral pink paints by Fenwick and Tilbrook from top - Vintage Peony, Powder, Lavenham, Portobello Road. Paired beautifully with the natural textures of our Throw Blankets in Shell and Chalk

 Biophilic design for wellbeing at home


A beautiful neutral base with our Tielles Neutral Rug

Mix them with other soft neutral pastels. Alternatively go bold when decorating with pink and use a neutral colour as a backdrop to monochrome schemes for a more dramatic scheme.


2. Layer Pinks together 

From soft nudes to strong magentas and all that comes in between. Start with a soft pink neutral base colour on the largest areas such as walls or carpet. Then use incremental tones to build layers of colour from pink tints of off-white up through rosy pinks and lavender shades up to hot pinks and bubblegum shades.

Think of layers of pinks from nature. Build up from the dusty sun-bleached desert pinks in sand, terracotta and beautiful sunsets to the deeper colours of fuschias, roses and heathers. 


Decorating with pink by Claire Gaudion

From top left our soft throw blankets, Vermarette Rose Cushion, Desert Grey Cushion and Magenta Cushion

Alternatively use texture to build layers when decorating with pink. Instead of neutrals consider exposed brick to provide a rustic background of deep pinks from peachy to brown. Combine smooth cottons with softer wools. Consider mixing together more opulent finishes such as silk for curtains and velvet for sofas.


Pink carpets and fabrics by Claire Gaudion

The nature inspired Jerbourg Rug is a perfect base to layer with other natural materials such as marble, terracotta and accent with a bold splash of warm colour 

Pink marble is the ultimate luxury surface. Each piece being unique where different tones and veining create one of a kind patterns of nature. Terrazzo is another surface material which has recently come back into fashion and pink is one of its most popular colourways.

3. Decorating with Pink as a statement colour

Strong pinks make bold statements. They bring a joyful energy into a room. They can be given a pride of place to be the centre of attention when decorating with pink in a room scheme. A pink roll top bath, a statement pink velvet sofa or the bright colours of a feature wall are the stars of the show in an otherwise neutral room.

Bright Pink Sofa

Statement Pink Sofa - The Dulwich Midi Sofa in Sahara Azalea by Darlings of Chelsea

On the floor a strong colour grounds a room helping to make large spaces cosier and tie in the rest of the furniture and decor. Cushions and throws are a versatile update for adding statement colour into a room. Layer them onto sofas and beds. Mix and match to create your perfect colour palette. Try swapping them around from room to room for a seasonal update.

Pink Sofa Throw by Claire Gaudion

Layer up statement colours with our Magenta Throw

4. Mixing pink with other colours

So what about mixing pink with other colours? Well the trend for a pink and white bedroom or a pink and grey living room is still going strong. Although it can sometimes seem a bit too childish if overdone. The secret to decorating with pink, as with any colour, is to firstly pick a base and an accent colour, for example deep blue with dusky pink as shown here.

Pink, navy and white room decor


Clockwise from top left our warm neutral Tielles Neutral Rug, Hana Karim ceramics, our Shell Throw Blanket and interior design by Keyhole Interiors 

Then use natural elements such as wood or ceramics and neutral colours such as whites, beiges and soft pinks to pull them together. Sticking to these basic rules makes it easy to mix pink with almost any colour.


5. Pink and green in perfect harmony 

Pink and green are a natural match made in heaven.

Decorating with Pink and Green

Clockwise from top left our Island Leaf Rug, Caquorobert Pink and Green Dot Cushion, interior design by Fiona Duke interiors and photography by Anna Stathaki and Coral and Leaf Green Cushions

Did you know that pink and green are actually complimentary colours on the colour wheel?  They sit opposite each other meaning they are exact counterparts. Additionally pink and green are often seen together in nature quite harmoniously. Pink and green never look out of place in the great outdoors. Nature has a way of getting things right. Mixing in tones and shades that work together side by side. If you’d like to learn more about how to work with the colours of nature to create a feel good home, take a look at our biophilic colour course.

Finally everyone’s love of colour is completely individual. So if you’d like to create a bright pink rug with deep green and yellow accents to make your home a happier place – please be my guest. Take a look at our design your own rug page.

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