Rugs inspired by island colours and patterns

Following the success of our debut rug collection of hand tufted designs, we are delighted to add two new collections in collaboration with Momo Rugs; Reef Collection of hand woven rugs and Island Rhythms Collection of hand knotted rugs. 

When we began developing our new rug collections, one of our main objectives was to create a versatile range of designs featuring stories of colour, pattern and texture inspired by island landscapes. Colours and patterns that would work well for modern and traditional interiors. But more than this, designs inspired by nature - nature's colours, patterns and textures (biomimicry) - that have the ability to enhance our human connection with nature and in turn enhance our mood, behaviour and well-being.

“Nature has always been my biggest inspiration. Observing its rhythms of light, shadows, colours, textures and scale, and understanding its effect on our wellbeing is something that I’m instinctively drawn to.” Claire Gaudion 

Claire Gaudion Fontenelle Rug inspired by island colours - biophilic colour

Claire Gaudion Fontenelle Rug

We were also determined to create a collection of timeless pieces of the highest quality, celebrating ancient hand knotting and artisan weaving techniques. Working with Momo, we have done just that. Momo’s founders bring over forty years experience to present carefully crafted collections through collaborations with international designers and craftsmen. Thanks to their industry expertise, we are working with extremely talented rug makers in Portugal and India for our new collections. Momo shares our belief in fair trade and provenance, and are part of the worldwide Care and Fair scheme to support their weavers. 

Claire Gaudion’s contemporary rugs offer a variety of intricately crafted patterns, weaves and textures, each with a unique story, steeped in tradition in both their design and manufacture.

The Reef Collection of Handwoven Flat Weaves

The Reef Collection is hand woven in Portugal by expert artisan weavers using traditional shuttle looms. These hand loomed rugs show off the construction of the weaves, which are beautiful. They have a wonderful handmade look and feel. Crafted on hand looms where a shuttle is passed back and forth through the warp threads, simple and more complex patterns can be created. These patterns can be accentuated with the use of colour and different yarn compositions. Interweaving viscose linen yarns with New Zealand wool adds depth and contrast to the weave structures by mixing the soft finish of wool with the lustrous glow of viscose linen fibres.

Claire Gaudion Contemporary Modern Rugs | La Mers Rug | Reef Collection

Claire Gaudion La Mers Rug

Rooted in family tradition and island heritage, these rugs take their names from the reefs and fishing marks off the coast of Guernsey; island locations frequently fished by Claire’s Dad, a fisherman of many generations. Rugged reefs and ever-changing ocean landscapes are referenced in the woven structures that mesh together colour and form to enrich the textural details.

Textural contrasts are really effective in interior design and our new hand woven rugs offer a unique and versatile choice. This collection is very much designed with longevity in mind. Durable yarns and composition (suitable for residential and contract interiors) are fused with timeless design. 

Claire Gaudion Rugs inspired by island colours - Biophilic colour

Claire Gaudion Les Hoffetts Rug and Grandes Havre Rug

Hand Knotted Island Rhythms Collection

Our signature geometrics are softened in this hand knotted collection, and we’ve added a new abstract painterly style to explore island rhythms - the ebb and flow of the sea’s waves, spring to nip tides, wind-sculpted sand dunes and the shifting coastal light. These designs can only achieved by the dexterous hand knotting technique, an ancient and highly specialised craft, requiring remarkable precision and patience, and many artisan weaver hours. Thousands upon thousands of knots are hand tied around individual threads and warp rods, on specially designed looms, to create the rhythmic and abstract patterns of this beautiful collection. 

Claire Gaudion Rugs inspired by island colours - Biophilic colour

Claire Gaudion Portinfer Rug

The colour palette includes delicate neutrals and island shades transitioning from greens to blues. Golden sand, red granite and shell tones add a richness and warmth to the collection.

Each rug is a unique, hand made work of art, designed to last a lifetime. Hand-knotted in India, this collection is made from wool for durability and softness underfoot, combined with lustrous viscose yarns and loop pile techniques to accentuate colour and pattern details. 

Claire Gaudion Rugs inspired by island colours - Biophilic colour

Claire Gaudion Jerbourg Rug

Photos also feature ceramics by Penny Spooner and Carol Gilbert.