ELLE Decoration's Story of Aqua

May 29, 2018 1 min read

ELLE Decoration Aqua Colour Story

In this month's ELLE Decoration, the decorating pages offer a guide to exterior paints options, new surfaces, wallpapers and textures. Plus, the story of aqua 'a colour with a history as vast as the oceans'.

ELLE Decoration’s colour story begins with Homer’s Odessey and the shape-shifting Greek god Proteus, symbolising the oceans continually changing moods and colours.

"The reason we tend to think of it as blue is complicated... if water is deep enough, more of the longer wavelengths - reds and yellows - are absorbed, leaving the shorter wavelengths to be scattered, thus making calmer, clearer water more likely to appear greenish blue.” ELLE Decoration.


ELLE Decoration Colour Story of Aqua featuring Claire Gaudion Modern Rug

ELLE decoration suggest how this colour can be taken in many directions in our homes, recommending synthetic blue-toned aquas for mid century style accessories, or greyer inkier aqua hues - such as in our Rhythmic Tides Rug - for a more modern look.

Check out ELLE Decoration's July issue for the full colour story on page 42. Thank you ELLE Decoration! 

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