Tibba Midnight Rug


tibba midnight recycled rug

  • Hand loom woven

  • Feels as soft as wool

  • 100% Recycled (PET) plastic

  • Sizes 170 x 240 cm, 200 x 300 cm

  • Fair Trade rug certified by Care & Fair

Tibba Midnight Rug is a black and white monochrome rug, handmade from recycled plastic bottles. This monochrome rug is made from 100% repurposed plastic waste, preventing hundreds of recycled plastic bottles ending up in landfill. 

This black and white monochrome rug is great sustainable product. It also has great visual and tactile qualities. Our recycled plastic bottle yarns are incredibly soft and they look and feel just like wool. This yarn has a beautiful texture which will add a layer of comfort to your home. Furthermore, this rug is very durable.

The herringbone-style weave fits well into modern or traditional interiors. Plus, as it is washable, it can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Claire Gaudion recycled plastic bottle rugs are made in collaboration with Momo Rugs and every rug is handwoven by craftsmen and women in India and endorsed by Care & Fair. Care & Fair certifies that you are buying a fair trade, responsibly made rug.

We recommend using a rug underlay for all our indoor rugs.

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