The Flux Collection

New nature inspired textile collection - Flux Collection

Our new Flux Collection includes two new jacquard woven designs, Dunes and Breeze, and celebrates the naturalistic colours of our ever-changing natural landscapes. The designs are Claire’s translation of things in flux - colours, forms and patterns to-ing and fro-ing in the natural world around us.

“I’m fascinated by how things in nature are in continual flux – how the richly textured and multi-tonal landscapes are ever changing through the day. This is the inspiration behind our new cushion collection” Claire Gaudion

These two new weaves are designed to evoke a sense of motion. Dunes mimics the markings and ridges we see in the sand. Breeze is a reimagining of our popular printed Grassland fabric, capturing the irregular movements of grasses swaying gently in the breeze. Look closely you will notice the tonal variations in the intricate weave patterns, referencing the diversely rich and textural landscapes we see in nature.

Our palette of naturalistic colours is inspired by a Biophilic approach to design. Warm earthy tones from blush to sandy terracottas mix with the colours of blossom and sunsets. These are complimented by sky blues and ocean hues in greens and blues.

Dunes and Breeze are completely reversible double-faced fabrics and we have used one face on each side of our cushions, allowing you to change the mood simply by turning it over.  Shop our new cushion collection below, along with our edit of rugs and throws that work beautifully together.

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