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Design Story: Portinfer Rug

February 21, 2019 2 min read

Claire Gaudion hand knotted rugs | Portinfer Rug

From our Island Rhythms Collection of hand knotted rugs, Portinfer Rug takes inspiration from the ebb and flow of the tide at Portinfer beach on Guernsey. The design references the continual waves that break one by one on the shore. 

Claire Gaudion Hand knotted custom rugs

The simplicity of the design draws attention to the textual detail, an irregular yet linear pattern woven in loop pile on a cut pile background, and the modern colour palette of Nordic blue and warm mid brown. The irregularity of the lines is also suggestive of the rugged coastline and the breaking of the waves, which seem to roll in with varying degrees of vigor.
From our Hampshire studio we work in partnership with Momo Rugs in The Netherlands and an extensive network of skilled craftspeople to create our rugs. It is a collaborative process. This rug is hand knotted in India, using an Indo-Nepali weaving technique – a skill that takes immense precision and patience.


Hand knotted rugs | Craftsmanship

This ancient craft uses a weaving frame with vertical warp threads and a metal rod upon which the weaver hand ties thousands upon thousands of knots.  The Portinfer Rug features loop pile and cut pile to create the textural variations in the design. The hand-tied knots are either cut over the metal rod or knotted over a smaller rod and retained to create the loop structure once the rod is removed.

Claire Gaudion custom knotted rugs

After knotting, each rug goes through additional finishing processes including washing and combing. The combing process removes excess surface fibres and leaves the yarn soft and lustrous.

Claire Gaudion custom knotted rugs

New Zealand
 wool has been chosen for its quality, longevitiy and lustre as well as its unique and remarkable properties. Wool is renewable, biodegradable, sustainable and naturally colourfast, as well as having a low environmental footprint and inherent air-purifying properties and being hypoallergenic. Read more about the wonders of wool on our blog.

Claire Gaudion custom rugs

Portinfer Rug is custom made to order, and can be woven in any size or shape, or in a custom colourway to match your room. If you would like to view a sample, please contact us. Or click here to shop the Portinfer Rug