Celebrating the launch of the Flux Collection at The Grain Store Lewes

May 28, 2021 5 min read

Celebrating the launch of the Flux Collection at The Grain Store Lewes

Featuring circular rhythms of sandy mounds and swift brushstrokes of gusts of wind, Dune and Breeze are the two designs that make up our new range, the Flux Collection. These textile designs are an ode to the natural world. They build on our collection's founding principles of biophilic colour and sustainable design with their colour palette and designs directly inspired by ever-changing landscapes. To celebrate the launch of these jacquard woven designs, we teamed up with luxury holiday accommodation, The Grain Store Lewes alongside some other brands we love to shoot and capture the essence of our new collection.


Flux collection at the grainstore lewes


The Flux Collection

Nature is as intrinsic to the design of the Flux Collection, as it is in all Claire Gaudion homeware and furnishings, The colour palette for the flux collection, inspired directly by nature, is soothing and balanced, with the chosen tonal colours inspired by biophilic designs. The colours sway from warm earthy tones, which are reminiscent of sandy terracotta shores and mixed with the colours of blushing sunsets,to sky blues and cool green ocean hues.

Though nature is calm, it is never completely still. Inspired by the ever-changing natural landscapes, such as the ones we see in sand dunes and the breeze, we wanted to incorporate this sense of movement into the design. The design of the cushion shows how Claire Gaudion's takes an abstract approach to biomimicry, (mimicking patterns in nature) which focuses on how we experience the ebbs and flows of nature.


Claire Gaudion throws and blankets


The two new weaves are designed to evoke a sense of motion. The abstract patterns are full of movement, and the cushions themselves are reversible and double-faced, which can also be swapped around to reflect ever-changing nature.

The Flux Collection is by design, a celebration of the natural world, and we wanted to collaborate with brands that reflected these qualities. We teamed up with Grain Store Lewes and Brook Studio not only to bring our designs to life, but also to reinforce the biophilic attributes of the Flux Collection.

Why Choose The Grain Store Lewes?

The Grain Store Lewes, situated in East Sussex, is a beautiful converted old grain storage building that has been transformed into unique luxury holiday accommodation. Situated in the South Downs national park, The Grain Store Lewes has sweeping views over the rolling hills and is truly naturally in keeping with it's surroundings.

A Luxury holiday getaway

For most weekends of the year the property is used an exclusive luxury holiday self catering accomodation. They welcome guests from around the UK and indeed worldwide to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the East Sussex countryside. The accomodation being on the south downs way in the heart of the East Sussex countryside and a stone's throw from the historic county town of Lewes as well as all that the seaside resort of Brighton has to offer is a popular choice for a luxury holiday getaway.

Living space grain store south downs

Biophilic Design

The Grain Store Lewes was the perfect location for our shoot, its location and design reflecting its natural origins. The Grain Store is in every sense built around the principles of biophilia, something we are also deeply passionate about as a brand. It's design is deeply connected to its roots as a working agricultural farm building. The concrete beams which run through the internal structure are tell tale signs of it's past life. The open plan structure incorporates metal work usually seen in industrial buildings but perfectly in keeping with the tradition of what was once a rural farm building. The exterior of the building is cedar-clad reflecting the building's natural surroundings, whilst much of the accomodation including the large open plan ground floor living space is designed to be south facing and making the most of the sunlight.

The interiors have been carefully chosen to refelect the location and history. Much of the furniture in the living rooms and bedrooms was made by local craftspeople. There's even a stool made from a tree felled on the Grain Store land!

As well as locally made furniture, much of the decor was made by local artisans or sourced from independent Lewes stores. The walls are adorned with maps, prints and paintings of stunning south downs landscapes. There's so much more to biophilic design than simply having a lot of plants indoors! This considered approach to design really does bring the outside in, in effect into the very fabric of the buildng, truly reflecting and including the landscape and culture of this creative rural East Sussex community.

A natural photo studio

The Grain Store Lewes' open plan design was an ideal studio for the shoot. Though the Grain Store is also committed to using green sources of energy, they hardly need to use it when the building is so beautifully filled with natural light. The abundance of natural light made the building a perfect photo studio.

A collaborative approach

To bring our new range to life, we also partnered with UK-based designer makers who also uphold our core values of quality, sustainability and beautiful design led home products

Firstly furniture designer and manufacturer, Brook Studio. Claire Gaudion designs are made in partnership with artisans to create our timeless homeware goods that are intended to last forever, because of this we appreciate the Brook Studio philosophy to create designs with craftsmanship, material and longevity at the forefront, working with nature to create sustainable pieces. Craftsmanship and longevity are qualities so integral to our own ethos and we wanted to work with brands that shared that vision.

Brook Studio creates their chairs and stools from the wood sourced from local tree surgeons. Using timbre off-cuts rather than chopping down whole trees, makes Brook Studio furniture naturally sustainable.

explore flux collection at the grain store


Made and designed in the UK, both of the furniture pieces that we selected from Brook Studios have British heritage rooted in their design. The Leo chair, pictured above, is modern take on the classic Windsor chair, with the original design of this type of chair dating back over 300 years.

The natural tones of the unpainted wood is perfectly complimented by the warm blush of the Dunes Dawn Cushion propped on top of it. We styled this ensemble to accentuate the softness of the tones together. You can really feel the glorious natural light from The Grain Store Lewes' south facing windows in these images. 


brooks studio furniture with blanket

The Marlow barstool is inspired by the rigid forms of the utilitarian ‘staked’ medieval furniture. Made from English Ash, this piece is another example of refined wood technique and impressive craftsmanship. We again paired this stool with the Dunes Dawn Cushion and the Shell Crinkle Throw Blanket, that accentuates the pastel tones of the wood.

We also chose to feature some of the toy collection from Grovely Wood. The business started life from a small collection of toys made for the founder's daughters. All of which were based around horses and farms that the girls loved.

The collection expanded to include farm vehicles and these lovely "Grover" vehicles. Layers of textiles are an essential element of making a house a home. Imagining children playing on our soft rugs with these fun toys which last for years and years conjures up a picture of wellbeingin a happy and sustainable home!

Finally we partnered with The Dormy House to create our stools. With a tradition of high quality craftsmanship loved by interior designers and offering a uniquely personalised service they're the perfect partner to offer our new stool design

We felt this shoot really captured the essence of the Flux Collection with The Grain Store Lewes, creating a lifestyle setting that perfectly captures the biophilic tones of the collection. We are always pleased to work with brands that share the ethos behind Claire Gaudion and showcase UK-based designs taking inspiration from nature and valuing quality and craftsmanship .

To view all of the pieces in the Flux Collection visit the 'new in' page.

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