Indoor / outdoor Ida rug featured by Romo

It is always lovely to see our products featured in photoshoots, so we are delighted to share Romo’s Nicoya campaign image which features our Ida Grey Rug.

Claire Gaudion Recycled Plastic Bottle Ida Rug featured by Romo

Romo have created a wonderfully relaxed and inviting look in this coastal themed scheme.

Romo’s new Nicoya range of outdoor textiles are equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor schemes, just like our recycled plastic bottle rugs.


Claire Gaudion Ida Grey Rug - recycled plastic bottle rugs


Claire Gaudion recycled plastic bottle rugs are made in collaboration with Momo Rugs. Each rug is handwoven and endorsed by Care & Fair, so you can be confident you are buying a responsibly made rug. 

Thank you to for featuring our rugs!  Explore Romo fabrics on instagram @romo_fabrics and browse our recycled plastic bottle rugs, HERE.