Visual Storytelling and Design Boards

Visual Storytelling and Design Boards

As we begin a new design, or collection, we create a storyboard. This board is an evolving and curated edit of images, words and materials which gets arranged, edited, re-arranged and re-edited as we work on developing new designs. The storyboard provides a powerful, visual way of thinking through ideas and bringing different inspirations together. It is a visual map of references telling a story, from the designers’ viewpoint.

Each storyboard usually has an overriding theme, or story. And, everything on the board has a message to contribute to this story. These may be about colour, form or texture, or a style of interior that we are designing for.  The connections may not always appear obvious, but each image or material on the board is adding a snippet to the story.

Claire talks us through her storyboards for the new Landscapes fabric Collection. Describing how she reads and interprets the different references on each board.

Storyboard: Ocean

Visual Storytelling Design Boards | Moodboard

“This story focuses on natural rhythms, such as the ebb and flow of the oceans, and the movement of the earth creating night and day.  An equilibrium and repeating pattern of natural cycles; high tide and low tide, light and dark. 

The interiors image on the board is fresh, contemporary and full of natural light. This is the feeling that I want to create with this design. A strong and driven pattern, perhaps referencing design hero’s from the Bauhaus with a directional pattern, one that is softened with the use of brushstrokes and mark-making being painted directly onto linen cloth, giving it a really tactile quality.“ Claire Gaudion

Storyboard: Grassland


Visual Storytelling Design Boards | Moodboard

“This design is inspired by open landscapes and the shape of the land undulating from mountains into grasslands. There are so many details in these images, and how the characteristics of the land transition and jigsaw together. The land contours also create beautiful effects of light and shadows.  Hella Jongerius’ Colour Catchers are included on the board as they illustrate the effect of light and shadow on tactile colours. And, the weave structures and the interconnecting patterns of Ivan da Silva-Bruhn’s rugs pick out some of the forms and lines that I see in the landscapes. This design story is a gentle, yet contemporary one”. Claire Gaudion

Storyboard: Desert


Visual Storytelling Design Boards | Moodboard

The ‘Desert’ story brings together references of time and traditions. I’m imagining earthy interiors spaces with transitioning colours, depicting the colour-gradients of desert landscapes that have evolved over years and years.

This Huichol yarn painting suggests to me a respect and harmony with the land. These yarn painting use symbols and patterns which date back centuries, a notion of things coming full circle, step-by-step. I have added colourful tribal influences to the story, and painterly effects, to create a playful and tactile homeliness.” Claire Gaudion

These storyboards are from the development our Landscapes Collection of printed fabrics, which you can view here.

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