The Blogger Tour at Domotex: Bloggers and Highlights

The Blogger Tour at Domotex: Bloggers and Highlights

Claire Gaudion were extremely proud to present our rug collections in partnership with Momo Rugs at this year’s DOMOTEX trade show earlier this month. Our collections attracted significant attention from buyers and press alike, and we were invited to be part of the Blogger Tour with Holly Becker.
The Blogger Tour at Domotex
During the show we received an invitation to be part of the DOMOTEX blogger tour, so that Claire could present our collections and share the story our rugs with a group of renowned design bloggers. The blogger tour was led by Holly Becker, interior designer/stylist and trend expert and founder of award-winning design site, decor8 - one of the best-known design blogs in the world.
In collaboration with DOMOTEX, Holly Becker invited bloggers from the field of interior design to take a tour to selected exhibitors at DOMOTEX to discover new products and trends, and meet the designers behind the rugs; it was an honour to be included and a pleasure to meet the bloggers.
Following the show, these bloggers have been sharing their favourite finds and the trends they’ve identified at DOMOTEX. The bloggers spotted a number of themes at the show from artistic stripes, craftsmanship, 70s influences and the colour orange. We’d like to share some of these blogs and blogger highlights with you.
Holly Becker
First up is Holly Becker, who had her own booth at DOMOTEX. Her space was a beautiful chorus of patterns and textures in soft tonal colours and accents of mustard, terracotta and pale pink. Layers of tactility juxtaposed with marble, ceramic and black details invited you in, and to relax; it was a little haven of tranquillity.

Holly Becker | decor8 at Domotex 2019

Holly Becker | decor8 at Domotex 2019

Photo: Stefan Nilsson

A beautiful addition to the space was a curated storyboard wall – a moodboard comprised of inspirational trend imagery and instagram profiles of the bloggers on tour. Holly also launches her own magazine with Living at Home this month.

Holly Becker | decor8 at Domotex | moodboard
Natures Colours and Artistic Stripes
A variety of linear patterns and abstract stripes were to be seen at Domotex this year. Indeed, it was our Jerbourg Rug that got us the invitation to be part of the Blogger tour. Holly Becker had seen this rug and loved the unique ‘interrupted stripe’ design. This rug was a favourite of many of our visitors at Domotex.

Claire Gaudion Jerbourg Rug

Photo: Claire Gaudion, Jerbourg Rug

The trend for ‘artistic stripes’ is noted by Sweden’s best known trend hunter, Stefan Nilsson, or Trendstefan. He spotted a number of stunning rugs with intriguing linear patterns. Many of these designs were minimal in colour, and played around with the contrasts of light and dark. Stefan suggests that pattern trends are moving away from ikat and oriental inspired designs to more artistic stripes, and features some stunning rugs by Kristiina Lassus.

Trendstefan | Kristiina Lassus

Photo: Stefan Nilsson

The neutral palettes and mark-making patterns of our Jerbourg and Sand Sketch Rugs also caught the eye of Desiree Groenendal of Vosgesparis, a champion of minimal colour, maximum style, and Mette Jakobsen of monstercircus.

Claire Gaudion Sand Sketch Rug

Photo: Mette Jakobsen, monstercircus

Mette Jakobsen describes her award-winning interior design blog as the 'a source of inspiration with a focus on Scandinavian design, craftsmanship and ideas on interior decoration with minimal effort and maximum style.' Her love of craftsmanship and fascination with the stories behind the rugs comes across in her writing. She is also interested in the details, and captured some beautiful close up photos of our rugs during the tour.

Mette Jakobsen | monstercircius at Domotex

Photo: Mette Jakobsen, monstercircus

“Claire Gaudion showcased the most beautiful contemporary rugs. Featuring both geometric designs and nature inspired styles. All very versatile and easy to introduce for most areas around the home.” Mette Jakobsen

Other highlights for Mette Jakobsen were the collections of Rica Basagoitti made from natural materials and natural dyes (pictured below) and the textural wool rugs by Natur Pur.

Rica Basagoitti 
Colour Trends: Orange and Brown, Pink and Green
Stefan Nilsson and Igor Josif, founder of the Happy Interior Blog, were more drawn to the colourful designs at the show.
Stefan Nilsson notes that orange is the colour of the moment. Shades of orange featured in many guises, often mixed with browns in a range of rug designs, suggesting a 70’s vibe. Igor Josif also identified 1970s design characteristics including 'organic shapes, plants, warm hues of orange, amber, teal, turquoise paired with earthy browns and beige' and coins it the 70s revival trend. Another colour trend spotted was pink and green, illustrated on Stefan Nilsson blog by our Tielles Rose Rug among others. 

Claire Gaudion Tielles Rose Rug

Tielles Rose Rug, as featured by Stefan Nilsson, Trendstefan 

Claire Gaudion Lihou Rug

Lihou Rug, featured by Igor Josif, Happy Interior Blog

Claire Gaudion at Domotex

We'd like to thank Holly Becker and all the bloggers for visiting Claire Gaudion at Domotex, and sharing our rugs on your blogs. Thank you!