Inspirational Interiors by Jade Maria

Inspirational Interiors by Jade Maria

Continuing our new blog series, ‘Inspirational Interiors by’, we are excited to feature the work of Jade Maria. 
Jade Maria, an interior designer for both residential and commercial interiors, has a unique style that is full of passion for colour, shape and texture, and how these elements make you feel. We explore her design style and key influences, plus Jade Maria has kindly shared some insights into her work and use of colour with us.
Jade Maria Interiors

Interiors that are Personal, Wonderful and You

With the ethos ‘creating interiors that are personal, wonderful and you’, Jade Maria strives to create the ‘perfect atmosphere and a space that oozes personality, memorability and innovation.’ As such, Jade Maria’s clients are at the centre of every project. We asked her to tell us a bit more about this personalised process. 

“The first part is getting to know your client and want they want to achieve by having me as their designer. It's really important that I understand their lifestyle, personality and how they want to feel in their home. This all has a huge effect on the design, the colours that are chosen, the layouts and the interior style. I find that I am really good at tuning in with my clients and often understand what it is they want very quickly, this is when the excitement starts and ideas start flowing! After this, when I work on developing the design, I look in so many areas to create a design that is innovative. No person is the same so no design should be and it's my job to bring something new and exciting to the table! These areas often include vintage fashion, art, sculpture and architecture from my travels. My heart is definitely in mid century design mixed with contemporary styles but I try and implement all my other inspirations to create something memorable and personalised.” Jade Maria
To communicate all her ideas and work with her clients while developing a design, Jade Maria creates a number of moodboards; colour scheme boards, style boards and then project moodboards to narrate and illustrate all the design elements.
“Clients really enjoy seeing moodboards… it helps them really visualise the concept and they often get really excited to move on to the next stage.” Jade Maria

Jade Maria Grand Designs Moodpboard | Interior design

Image credit: Jade Maria

Featured Project 

Earlier this year, Jade Maria was selected to exhibit at the prestigious Grand Designs Live show in London. The brief, 'design by you', was an opportunity to showcase her unique and personal style. Jade Maria created a stunning multi-functional interior, designed for living, socialising and working.
The space was contemporary with a strong use of colour to create a relaxing atmosphere. The use of layered and contrasting textures across furniture and accessories, and interesting objects with simple geometric shapes added interest to the design.

Jade Maria Interior design | Grand Designs

The colour palette, Mylands no. 151 museum – a serene shade of green inspired by London’s iconic Victorian-era museums – was blended with pastels and pinks, and punctuated by black furniture and textiles creating a fresh and modern look.  

Jade Maria Interior design | Grand Designs
Jade Maria carefully mixes forms and texture. Fringed artwork, metallic lighting and rattan weave chairs sit alongside opulent velvets, bold patterned cushions and statement artwork, all nestled happily within the soothing colour palette. A moss green room divider and indoor plants complete the balance of colour, adding mid tones to bridge pastels and darker shades. The overall result is one of perfect harmony.

Jade Maria Interior design | Grand Designs  

Jade Maria Interior design | Grand Designs

Designing with Colour

Colour is clearly a defining element of Jade Maria’s unique style, so we asked her for her take on how colour can impact on interior design.
“Colour is such a personal element of interior design. It's the main part that truly reflects the personality of the client and creates the desired atmosphere and style of the space. There are certain colours that I love working with and have formed my own interior design style but for me it's about playing with shades, not just different colours. There are so many different shades and tones within one colour and I love working with these! When choosing colour palettes you really need to think about what you want to achieve in the space you are designing, do you want it to feel warm, airy, moody, light or maybe bold, serene or calm? Decide the main atmosphere you want to create and then choose your colours in shades and tones that relate.” Jade Maria.
With such passion for colour, it’s not surprising that Jade Maria sites the beautiful, renowned and daring designs of India Mahdavi and Dimore Studio as key influences in her work, and evidenced by her inspirational insta-feed. On Instagram @jademariainteriors writes ‘The designs of @indiamahdavi always wow me. Her innovative designs are a reflection of such imagination I'm always in awe. The amazing use of shape and bold colour are such a recognised element of her signature style.’ There are some strong parallels in their work.
Jade Maria Instagram
 Image: @jademariainteriors instagram screenshot

India Mahdavi, described as a ‘virtuoso of colour’ by The New Yorker in an interview with the designer,
"is a sort of supertaster for color, a possessor of perfect chromatic pitch, which she seems to experience as taste, touch, feel, and smell. She’ll describe a mint green as “a color that makes me thirsty,” or perceive “crushed raspberry” where others might see fuchsia. “I like to mix and let them insult each other, have an argument,” she has said, of colors, as though they were guests at a dinner party" The New Yorker.

Art Collections

Adding to the uniqueness of her work, Jade Maria’s designs often features bespoke work by new artists and product or furniture designers. And, Jade Maria’s talents do not stop at interior design, she is also a freelance artist, and often creates her own bespoke art pieces for projects.
Jade Maria Art

Incidentally, her new collection of line drawings is launching at The Century Club Soho, London on the 9th December 2018. You can view some examples of the new collection @byjademaria on instagram.

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