Inspirational Interiors by Beata Heuman

Inspirational Interiors by Beata Heuman

In a new blog series, ‘Inspirational Interiors by’, we explore the work of some of the most influential and respected designers, what defines their style, their creative influences and design philosophies.

The series begins with award-winning, Swedish-born, London-based designer Beata Heuman. 

Inspirational Interior Design by Beata Heuman

Interior Design Style

Working mostly on residential projects, Beata Heuman’s signature style is modern, imaginative and playful. Her confident use of colour and whimsical touches create an original aesthetic. For Beata Heuman, it is all about creating a balanced and harmonious space that brings your attention to the present moment. 

“It’s about encouraging people to appreciate the moment they are in and I do think that’s a good measure of a successful design.” Beata Heuman.

Her interiors are incredibly tactile. The sumptuous use of layers of textures, along with the rich colour palettes, make these spaces very inviting. There is a definitive nod to the past, midcentury modern as well as contemporary. A considerded eclectic story of the people who live there.

Beata Heuman often includes characters and animation in her work, and this really adds to the life of the space.  Hand-drawn characters in wall tattoos (more about this later), or animals in art as seen here, and Jean Cocteaux’s wall hangings in her own home (see her Instagram snippets below). 

Inspirational Interior Design by Beata Heuman

Ranked by House and Garden as Designer of the Year 2018, we can see why, as they say, her interiors are “exciting and liveable… [and] while her projects are always fresh and modern, she embraces the ideas and details of classical interior design.”

Design Philosophy

In Beata Heuman’s own words,

“Every room should sing! In the course of a lifetime one gathers a multitude of views, experiences and objects. The home should make it possible to take in all of these things. We look at the past as well as the present for inspiration to create layered and balanced designs that stand the test of time.”

Inspirational Interior Design by Beata Heuman

The individual pieces that Beata Heuman selects, or designs, for a project, each have their own wonderful personalities - for example the Dodo Egg Light, or Luckdragon and Aslan Stools - and when combined into her interiors, they do indeed sing! Her interiors could be compared to an orchestral masterpiece, with all the instruments in beautiful harmony, each taking their turn to shine.


Beata Neuman Interior Design

Inspirational Interiors by Beata Heuman

Creative Influences

Beata Heuman learned her craft under the guidance of Nicky Haslam for whom she worked for nearly ten years before setting up her own design studio in 2013.  She also sites Elise de Wolfe and Ilse Crawford as design influences. 

With an open-minded approach to design, Beata Heuman finds inspiration everywhere. Her fascination with art, collage and exhibitions is clearly evident in her work, and subjects that you can read more about in her journal). She favours an element of chance in design, and things not being too controlled. Perhaps this is why she’s drawn to Baron de Cabrol 's pretty scrap book collages with their sense of frivolity and surreal effect.

Beata Heuman design influences

“There is nothing I love more than a ‘house museum’. It’s basically like snooping around someone’s house and with the added element of time having passed I find it irresistible.” Beata Heuman

Beata Heuman design inspiration

Following a visit Santo Sospir in St Jean Cap Ferrat, and seeing Jean Cocteau’s Greek mythology-inspired wall tattoos, Beata Heuman used the idea of the wall tattoo for the design in Farm Girl Café. She commissioned street artist ‘Pang London’ who drew the tattoos free-hand straight onto the wall.

Interior Design by Beata Heuman


Beata Heuman’s has created a unqiue style with a whimsical flair, a style which has also influenced the studio’s own collections of fabrics, wallpapers, lighting and furniture. Some of these were included in their recent project to design this years Decorex VIP lounge. This project was seen as a bit of a milestone for the company, and allowed them to showcase their growing product collections as well as respond with a really creative theme and create a captivating space that was an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the fair. Their Egyptian revival theme with a few surreal elements and dream-like colour combinations definitely achieved this.  

Beata Heuman Decorex VIP Lounge


Find out more about Beata Heuman at and on instagram.

Image credits: Beata Heuman

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