Best Interior Design Blogs: For Modern Living

Best Interior Design Blogs: For Modern Living

Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

There are many great interior design blogs online. Some of these are a cut above the rest, with exciting new and original content, how-to guidance for consumers and great inspirational imagery. We have compiled a Best Of guide to interiors bloggers online. We review the best interior design blogs, with our round-up of their best features. Our pick of the best blogs have been chosen for their expert industry insights, modern living inspiration, and their views on colour, pattern and texture. This best-of blog brings together an eclectic mix of blogging styles, all highly recommended as guides to modern living, as well as simply great viewing and reading.

Seasons in Colour | Interior Design Studio and Blog


About the blog 

Seasons in Colour is an award-winning authority on colour, written by Jenny Kakoudakis. This blog provides inspiration for design aficionados and interiors enthusiasts alike on designing and styling your home with the trendiest colours, material and products.

Designed in full colour, the blogs feature titles and images are a feast for the eyes and each post is awash with captivating photos and colour montages.

Seasons in Colour Blog | Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

Best Interiors Design Blogs 2018 | Seasons in Colour | Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 Heart Wood

Images: Seasons in Colour | Dulux Colour of The Year 2018

"Good interior design and styling does not have to be daunting. Or boring! We all have our unique style and can transfer this onto interiors." Jenny Kakoudakis

Our favourite features

Dulux Colour Of The Year 2018 Heart Wood 

Colour is at the heart of this blog and Seasons in Colour offer great reviews and industry opinions on the latest 'Colour of the Year' publications and colour trends. These are complimented by inspirational imagery and styling suggestions on how and where to shop the look.

Itten, Colour Theory And Brand Identity

Bauhaus tutor Johannes Itten was one of the first colourists to explore connections between colour and emotion. Jenny Kakoudakis recently participated in a colour workshop at London Design Festival, and followed up with an insightful post about colour psychology and the use of colour for brand identity.

The Seasons in Colour Design Studio offers colour consultancy, sourcing of artwork and furniture for residential homes, and home staging for showhomes with property developers. 


Emma Jane Palin - London based Creative Lifestyle blog focused on graphic design, illustration, interiors and textiles


Emma Jane Palin is a graphic design & illustration graduate based in South West London. When not working at a 'rather lovely design communications agency', she is busy seeking creative stories and writing about other artists, new talent and trends and exhibitions. Expect great stories, and lots of vibrant colour and pattern.This is an impeccably sleek looking blog with a fresh contemporary graphic aesthetic. Bold titles and interactive menus are easy to navigate. This blog is a must-read! 

Emma Jane Palin has a particular interest in new creative talent whether that be illustrators, designers or interior brands. The blog also mixes in more established designers, exhibitions to visit, the EJP abode, cultural city guides, and the all-important 'Weekly Wall'.

Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

Images: Emma Jane Palin 

And she's a double-IBA winner too…!

"Feeling a little more confident, I actually managed to smile for the camera without looking like a deer in headlights and suddenly I had not one, but two awards. I’m still a little taken aback but incredibly proud, that’s for sure.” Emma Jane Palin


Our favourite features

The Weekly Wall | #005 | Morag Myerscough, Smithfield Market 

Amazing wall murals and street art are discovered and featured on the blog in this colourful Weekly Wall series. If you have a wall to share, you can join the #theweeklywall campaign on Instagram and tag Emma Jane Palin!

The Rhythm of Life | Jotun’s Annual Colour Card

Amidst an array of colour trend publication in interiors today, Jotun's 'Rhythm of Life' colours are the results of a year of global lifestyle research to identify the shades that are set to define interiors for 2018. Emma Jane Palin walks us through their three key colour moods and reflects on the emotive characteristics of the palettes and illustrates these with beautifully styled imagery by creative studio Krakvik & D’Orazio and renowned photographer Line Thit Klein.

Best Interiors Design Blogs 2018 | Emma Jane Palin | Jotun’s Annual Colour Card

Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

Images: photography by Line Thit Klein, set design by Krakvik & D’Orazio via Emma Jane Palin

We couldn't choose just two favourite posts from this blog... and recommend you check out this one too!


The Paper City | G . F Smith in Hull and Beyond

Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

Images: Emma Jane Palin

In addition to writing this blog, being part of the team at October (a London communications agency for architecture, property and design), Emma Jane Palin can also be found running the bloggers network, We Blog Design


COVER Magazine: Carpets & Textiles For Modern Interiors


COVER magazine is the first publication devoted to the accelerating international market in fine handmade carpets and artist textiles, and is edited by Lucy Upward.

COVER Magazine's website and blog is packed with innovation and trend insights across the international world of carpets and textiles. Snippets from their quarterly magazine and Editors Picks from the shows and key exhibitions reviews are all there.


Our favourite features 

Breathing Colour By Hella Jongerius, Design Museum London

Best Interiors Design Blogs 2018 | COVER Magazine | Carpets & Textiles For Modern Interiors

COVER reviews the amazing collection of work by Hella Jongerius on how colour behaves and the effects that light conditions have on our perceptions of colour and form. Perhaps the exhibition of the year!

Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

London Design Fair, 21-24 September 2017

An industry insiders guide. COVER introduces new design across carpets and textiles to the world with trade show previews and reviews, with a focus on innovation and trends.

Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

Images: COVER Magazine 

Sophie Robinson


Sophie Robinson shares her passion and years of expertise in interior design. This blog is a feast of interior design inspiration with loads of creative 'know-how' tips gathered from years of experience in styling interiors. Playful colour, creativity and clashing patterns are Sophie Robinson's signature style. This blog is an amazing vision of colour and pattern, and how to mix it up!


"My mission is to give you the confidence and inspire you to have a vibrant, fascinating and original home which reflect YOUR personality." Sophie Robinson 

Best Interiors Design Blogs 2018 | Sophie Robinson

Best Interiors Design Blogs 2018 | Sophie Robinson

Images: Sophie Robinson | Hillarys Room Set 

Our favourite features 

I Want That Style: The Design Process

A behind the scenes looks at a project where four very different design professionals were invited to design a room four ways. The design process is such an exciting phase! From selecting fabric samples, to Pinterest research and creating mood boards for style and product ideas.


My Living Room And Why I Love Autumn Interiors

This blog is about colour psychology in practice, and in particular, Autumn colours. Colours can really effect how a space feels, and so choosing the right colours to decorate a room is key to successful interior design.

Best Interiors Design Blogs 2018 | Sophie Robinson

Best Interiors Design Blogs 2018 | Sophie Robinson

Images: Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson is an interior Stylist, designer and journalist… and you may have seen her on the TV! She also runs amazing workshops on colour and interior design.


Electric Trends | Interior Design and Lifestyle Trends 


About the blog 

Eclectic Trends is written by Gudy Herder, an international trend consultant based in Barcelona, Spain. Gudy Herder is renowned for anticipating and spotting emerging trends and features stories on current inspirations, interior design and lifestyle, and colour is a big focus on the blog. Here’s a great 'Food for Thought' quote from the home page -

"Color is the single most powerful communication tool, influencing 50% to 85% of ideas and product purchase decisions. With 80% of human experience filtered through the eyes, visual cues are vital to getting a message across and nothing does this better than the thoughtful use of color." David R Sha - Publisher View Publications.


The blog has a fresh modern look, it is easy to navigate with it’s block layout style and includes wonderful bold imagery with each post.

Best interior design blogs for modern living | Eclectic Trends

Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

Images: Photography by Luis Ridao via Eclectic Trends

“Before consumers buy a product, they must be captivated by its story.

Trends help make stories powerful, believable, and on-brand.” Gudy Herder


Our favourite features 

Is Jesmonite The Future Must-Know Material In Interior Design?

Eclectic Trends highlights the innovative work of Olivia Aspinall and her collections of Jesmonite design objects. Similar Terrazzo-style surfaces are on-trend right now across all kinds of interior disciplines, from table tops to lighting bases, and Olivia Aspinall has created a similar design experience but with a new 'green' material. Her collection is full of beautiful colours and patterns.


Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

Best Interior Design Blogs 2018 | Eclectic Trends | Olivia Aspinall

Images: Eclectic Trends | Olivia Aspinall



Color Inspiration No. 20: Stone Blue, Egg Yolk, Crepe, Clay, Apricot

Colour inspiration and mood boards are strong blog themes. Gudy Herder studies colour’s interactions and effects and her findings are beautifully complimented by visually stunning mood boards identifying emerging colour trends.


Eclectic Trends also offer Workshops, Trend Reports, Online Courses, and more. 


Mad About The House - The Sourcebook For Modern Living


Kate Watson-Smyth is an award-winning journalist who’s been writing about property, interiors and design in national newspapers - including The Independent and The Financial Times - for 20 years.


Kate Watson-Smyth clearly loves greys, elegant neutrals, dark walls and hints of metallic and pink. Even the cat is perfectly coordinated. Check her stunning instagram! With an honest and personal voice Mad About the House shares thoughts on a range of interiors topics. The Househunter: Room By Room feature takes us on a tour of stunning properties on the market. There are Objects of Design and Design Classics, plus you can discover need-to-know unique and independent shops.


"My philosophy? Your home should tell your story. It should make your heart sing when you open the front door. I would sum it up like this: Something old, something new, something black, something gold. And always some natural wood. And when I say gold I mean any metallic. How do I sum that up? Well I like to call it Urban Glamour. You may prefer Modern Rustic." Kate Watson-Smyth


Best Interiors Design Blogs 2018 | Mad About The House by Kate Watson-Smyth


Our favourite features

What Is Home: Interview With Tom Dyckhoff 

Kate Watson-Smyth talks to writer, historian and broadcaster (known to many as presenter of The Great Interior Design Challenge), Tom Dyckhoff about what a home really is. Home - what does this word mean? Notions of comfort, warmth and security are discussed along with hygge nooks, ‘broken-plan’ intimate zones, objects and details. 

Best Interior Design Blogs 2018 | Mad About The House

Images: Mad About The House


10 Beautiful Rooms

Mad About The House takes a look at beautiful rooms in real homes and highlights the difference between the interiors magazines and real life, reminding us not to take Pinterest too literally! 

Mad About The House also provides an interiors styling consultancy tailored to individuals at MadAboutYourHouse. Or start with a read of Kate Watson-Smyth's beautiful book, Shades of Grey: Decorating with the most elegant of neutrals, described by The Wall Street Journal as "the perfect gift for subscribers to Architectural Digest and The Economist". ...And, there is a new book due out in March 2018!


Michelle Ogundehin: Decoding Design, Style and Trends


Michelle Ogundehin is an internationally renowned authority on interior, and also Editor-at-Large of ELLE Decoration UK. Michelle Ogundehin's blog is an edit of global inspiration across design, trends, interiors, and contemporary culture. As you might expect from the Editor-at-Large of ELLE Decoration UK, this blog is artfully written, and beautifully illustrated, and very informative. Michelle Ogundehin shares insights into many areas of interiors, design and colour, with her instagram moodboards 'editing the world for inspiration… one colour at a time'. It is, in a word, beautiful.


"Interior design tends to be dominated by the visual. This is to be expected when it is a world largely driven by trends in colour and style. But for me, such moods and moments, which inevitably float in and out of fashion, are moot. The most important thing, certainly in my own home, is tactility. By which I mean, the creation of spaces with furniture and finishes that thrill the fingertips, using fabrics that caress and cosset the skin, and floor-coverings underfoot that treat the toes." Michelle Ogundehin


Our favourite features 

Colour: Indigo

A beautiful exploration of the characteristics and meaning of the colour Indigo. Paired with visually striking insta-colourscape mood board imagery.

Best Interiors Design Blogs 2018 | Michelle Ogundehin



Trend Tracking Part Three Spring/Summer 2018 

Michelle Ogundehin traces colour trends from this season to the next, referencing how the global political turmoil and our current mood can be interpreted in the language of colour.


Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

Images: Michelle Ogundehin




Decorenvy is written by Lucy Meek. On this fresh looking blog, with beautifully curated content, Lucy Meek writes about interiors, home tours, decorating ideas and where to shop. Hunting out the uniquely crafted, she describes her blog as "an interiors blog for those who are bored of the high street."


Our favourite features

Tribal Style: A Who’s-Who Of Moroccan Rugs

This is a knowledgeable review of Berber rugs (which have gained trend status recently) and outlines the three main design styles: Beni Ourains, Azilals and the 'wild-card' Boucherouites.

Best Interiors Design Blogs 2018 | Decor Envy | Lucy MeekImage: via Decorenvy


Vivid Green Bowls With Hidden Faces, By Emma Cerasulo 

Beautifully presented product views with detailed imagery. These bowls are stunningly crafted.


Best Interiors Design Blogs 2018 | Decor Envy | Lucy Meek

Image: Emma Cerasulo via Decor Envy 

Lucy Meek is also Director of Arrow Publicity (a PR company for independent interiors brands). Decorenvy has won and been nominated for a variety of awards, as well as being featured in ELLE Decoration and HomeStyle Magazines. 


The Pink House

The Pink House is written by Emily Murray, and as the name may suggest, this is a fun-packed colour-loving blog offering advice and inspiration on interiors. The Pink House also invites distinguished designers and stylists to add their industry-insider knowledge. Emily Murray leads us through cutting-edge interiors with her home tours and picks the hottest home buys on the market.

Best interior design blogs for modern living | The Pink House

Images: The Pink House

"[I love] loads of colour, including pink; typography; stuff that makes the house feel like a circus/zoo/nightclub/spa; old things that have a story; child-unfriendly velvet furniture; London-related stuff; gold things; neon; blackboards; anything by Soho House or Kit Kemp" Emily Murray

Best interior design blogs for modern living | The Pink House

Our favourite features 

The Interior Colour Rules You Should (Nearly) Always Break

The Pink House dispels some of those colours rules, such as 'blue and green should never be seen', evidenced by some gorgeous interiors photos.


What Pink Means To Me

It seems fitting that we highlight this post, where Emily Murray invites industry experts - Zoe Anderson (interiors boutique owner, W.A.Green); Julie Taylor (Instagramer, @londonispink); Jordan and Russell (interior designers, 2LG Studio) - to share their views on her favourite colour, pink.

Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

Best Interior Design Blogs for Modern Living

Images: The Pink House 

So there you have our pick of the best interior bloggers for modern living.

For more interiors product inspiration click over to our collections to browse and shop.

Do you write and Interiors blog that we should know about? Have we included your favourites? Or can you recommend an interior blogger who fits with our love of colour, pattern and texture for interiors? If so we'd love to hear from you… Please add your comments to the blog!
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